Armolan Paint Protection Films

Armolan Paint Protection is a patent pending film technology that makes existing topcoats obsolete.

A topcoat is a layer of generally stiffer material laminated to a flexible urethane film base. Current topcoats make APPs more difficult to install and weather poorly over time. There can be separation at the boundary, causing crazing and stress cracking, which affects the appearance.

Armolan Paint Protection Technology infuses the urethane film with clear penetrating protection. Nano-Fusion APP is more conformable, easier to install, retains its gloss, and resists yellowing and cracking better than other films on the market.

APPLICATIONS Automotive paint surface protection against harsh, environmental elements and everyday wear such as: Stones, bug acid, winter salt, sand, minor impact, road debris, scratches and more. Areas to protect are:

  • Bumper
  • Front Fascia
  • Hood
  • Wheel Well
  • Side Mirrors
  • Roof
  • Door Edge
  • Quarter Panel


Conformable —easier to work onto the contours of the vehicle’s surface

Flexible —compresses and expands easily for smooth finishing on any install

Positionable —can be re-positioned readily and as often as needed for the best fit


Protect —your investment and vehicles finish

Decrease —paint wear

Prevent —paint chipping, nicks and scratching

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